Paleographical Problems in
manuscripts of the Gospels

P.Oxy. 4804

Here we present paleographical problems in the manuscripts of the Gospels. These are e.g. difficult to read passages, corrections, or problematic reconstructions of fragmentary material. Some cases are comparatively simple, others difficult, some even, at present, unsolvable. Everything is based on images that I have found on the internet or have acquired myself. The final sentence in many cases is "This should be checked at the original again." So, if you have access to any of these manuscripts, please check them out.

All ideas, improvements and corrections are very welcome!

Please suggest other difficult cases, with a source of images, if possible, to Wieland Willker

  1. Mt 1:25 in 579
    Is 579 omitting OU?
  2. Mt 4:10 in 892
    A correction.
  3. Mt 5:22 in P67
    Is P67 reading "without cause" or not?
  4. Mt 5:22 in Codex Sangallensis/037
    Has 037 been corrected and how?
  5. Mt 6:13 on an ostracon
    The 4th CE ostracon does not show the doxology.
  6. Mt 6:28 in Codex Sinaiticus
    The lilies - do they not comb?
  7. Mt 7:18 in Codex Sinaiticus
    Was Tischendorf right?
  8. Mt 9:18 in Codex Regius
    A correction in Codex L?
  9. Mt 11:9 in Codex Vaticanus
    Was there an error and how to interpret the evidence.
  10. Mt 11:29 in Codex Sinaiticus
    What was the original reading?
  11. Mt 13:55 in P103
    Does it read IWSHS or IWANNHS?
  12. Mt 15:4 in Codex Sinaiticus
    A deleted correction.
  13. Mt 19:22 in 892
    A notation in NA27 and earlier.
  14. Mt 21:44 in P104
    Does P104 omit this verse?
  15. Mt 23:38 in P77
    Does P77 omit "desolate"?
  16. Mt 25:16 in Codex Alexandrinus
    How to interpret the correction?
  17. Mt 26:36 in P53
    Trying to decipher a badly preserved area.
  18. Jeremiah's Prophesy to Pashhur
    Primary literature relevant for the discussion of the quotation in Mat 27:9-10.
  19. Mt 27:49 in 72 (Harley 5647)
    Marginal note on the piercing, Tatian and Chrysostom.
  1. Mk 1:25 in Codex Alexandrinus
    A difficult to make out correction.
  2. Mk 1:41 in 783 and 1358
    Two erroneous notations in T&T.
  3. Mk 2:9 in 892
    A correction.
  4. Mk 5:36 in Codex Sinaiticus
    Another difficult to interpret correction.
  5. Mk 6:3 in P45
    Is Jesus a carpenter in P45?
  6. Mk 6:23a in P45
    The notation in NA isn't justified.
  7. Mk 6:23b in P45
    Another uncertain reading in P45.
  8. Mk 6:33 in P84
    A difficult reconstruction.
  9. Mk 6:36 in P84
    Another difficult reconstruction.
  10. Mk 7:14 in 579
    A strange scribble.
  11. Mk 8:22 in P45
    Plural or singular?
  12. Mk 15:20 in 059
    Which readings can be ruled out?
  13. Mk 15:39 in 083
    Is 083 reading txt? A better image would help!
  14. Mk 15:43 in Codex Vaticanus
    An interesting Phi!
  1. Lk 1:15 Codex Regius
    A correction in L?
  2. Lk 1:78 in P4
    Is it a Iota? Better images!
  3. Lk 2:2 in Codex Freerianus II
    Is it an Eta or a Nu? Thanks to the new facsimile!
  4. Lk 2:14 in Codex Vaticanus
    "Good will toward men"?
  5. Lk 3:1 in Codex Vaticanus
    Two interesting, very faint corrections in Vaticanus.
  6. Lk 3:33 in P4
    What is P4 reading in the genealogy?
  7. Lk 3:36 in P75
    No image unfortunately, but a reconstruction.
  8. Lk 5:36 in P4
    A difficult to make out correction in P4.
  9. Lk 6:36 in P75
    Does a reconstruction of P75 help?
  10. Lk 6:42 in P75
    Can we decide what P75 is reading here?
  11. Lk 9:18 in P75
    A question of space.
  12. Lk 10:38 in Codex Sinaiticus
    Is there a correction?
  13. Lk 11:34 in P75
    For the detectives: What are these letters?
  14. Lk 11:53 in P45
    P45 must have omitted something here.
  15. Lk 12:8-9 in Codex Sinaiticus
    What was the original reading?
  16. Lk 13:21 in P45
    Impossible to decide?
  17. Lk 14:17 in P45
    Is this a Sigma or a Tau?
  18. Lk 14:17 in Codex Sinaiticus
    Is there a correction?
  19. Lk 22:43-44 in Codex 0171
    The angel, strengthening Jesus, is it in 0171?
  20. Lk 22:43-44 in P69
    And what's the evidence in P69? A new reconstruction.
  21. Lk 23:43 in Codex Vaticanus
    A dot against paradise.
  1. Jo 1:26 in 083
    What has 083 here?
  2. Jo 1:34 in P106
    Is Jesus "the chosen one" in P106?
  3. Jo 1:34 in P5
    And is he in P5?
  4. Jo 1:34 in P75
    And what about P75? Even here?
  5. Jo 1:37 in P120
    An Alpha or a Mu? An obscured margin.
  6. Jo 1:37 in P5
    A decision from space.
  7. Jo 4:51 in P45
    Another decision from space.
  8. Jo 5:3 in Codex Alexandrinus
    Did Alexandrinus omit verse 3b?
  9. Jo 6:38 in Codex Sinaiticus
    Patros or not?
  10. Jo 6:47 in P75
    Is the "vid" notation in NA justified?
  11. Jo 6:52 in P75
    Here, it seems, a "vid" is justified.
  12. Jo 7:34 and 36 in 1582
    Are there erasures?
  13. Jo 7:52 in P66
    "the" prophet
  14. Jo 9:27 in P66
    Did they hear or not?
  15. Jo 10:8 in P45
    A decision from space.
  16. Jo 11:17 in Codex Alexandrinus
    Did Alexandrinus omit "already"?
  17. Jo 11:41 in P59
    Is P59 reading the short text here?
  18. Jo 12:9 in Codex Sinaiticus
    Is the article deleted?
  19. Jo 13:10 in P66
    A very difficult correction.
  20. Jo 13:24 in P66
    Another correction in P66.
  21. Jo 14:14 in P75
    Does it read "me"?
  22. Jo 14:16 in Codex 060
    Very difficult to read. Is IGNTP right?
  23. Jo 14:17 in P75
    What is P75 reading?
  24. Jo 14:26 in Codex 060
    A difficult reconstruction.
  25. Jo 14:26 in Codex 33
    Impossible to judge?
  26. Jo 15:8 in Codex 33
    Again difficult to judge.
  27. Jo 16:19 in P5
    Is P5 reading txt?
  28. Jo 17:1 in P107
    A reconstruction.
  29. Jo 17:1 in P60
    Another reconstruction.
  30. Jo 17:7-8 in P66
    What did the scribe here?
  31. Jo 17:11 in P107
    Is P107 supporting a unique D reading here?
  32. Jo 17:12 in P66
    Is there a correction in P66?
  33. Jo 18:15 in P60
    Can a vertical bar be an Omicron?
  34. Jo 19:4 in P90
    Is the "vid" in NA justified?
  35. Jo 19:16 in P60
    An incredible papyrus scrap!
  36. Jo 19:38 in P66
    Is there a correction in P66?
  37. Jo 20:31 in P66
    Is P66 reading the Present or the Aorist of "believe"?
  38. Jo 21:18 in P109
    Is P109 reading the plural? Difficult reconstruction.

Many manuscripts await a detailed study.
The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.